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Love photography and listen to music, and cinema and travel.
I'm made up with peace, love, rainbows and flowers and kiss and kittens.
Also Gleek (not spoiler-free and I do my best to tag).
I love Kurt, I love Blaine, I love Klaine but actually I like all the characters and all the canon ships.
I just love Glee.
Bashing / Hating characters/ships is a total stranger concept for me.
I don't have time enough for all the people/things I love, I'm certainly not going to spend time on what I don't like.
And I'm French!

Joe Winograd, Fluxus Wheel, (2014).


Joe WinogradFluxus Wheel, (2014).

"It’s what I love to do. It’s never going to be a waste of my time."

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hayleeruth 4 days till we open Hair at the #hollywoodbowl !!! Soo many butterflies in my belly!

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[Lea Michele] will guest star in the sixth episode of the Kurt Sutter drama’s final season, playing Gertie, an empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother who connects with Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a difficult time. Her episode is slated to air Oct. 14 on FX.


On set at Sons of Anarchy with my favorite person Paris Barclay. This is so cool! #SOAFX

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Everybody in our group went a little bit crazy when we all realized it was him… The guide had to calm us because we had to stay discret and calm!

Kurt, Blaine and their son.
Brooks Brothers (what else) on Rodeo Drive.

I love LA!

The Paramount tour was really fun and interesting, particularly for the classic cinema fans we are.

Unfortunatly, we couldn’t see a lot of the NY lot because they were shooting. I saw Mercedes appartment at least.

Well, no big regrets because the shooting was involving Martin Sheen, and we saw him around his trailer! A legend!

"I’m gonna hug you."


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