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Love photography and listen to music, and cinema and travel.
I'm made up with peace, love, rainbows and flowers and kiss and kittens.
Also Gleek (not spoiler-free and I do my best to tag).
I love Kurt, I love Blaine, I love Klaine but actually I like all the characters and all the canon ships.
I just love Glee.
Bashing / Hating characters/ships is a total stranger concept for me.
I don't have time enough for all the people/things I love, I'm certainly not going to spend time on what I don't like.
And I'm French!


Darren: “What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?”

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20 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge

 ▶ First Studio Ghibli Movie: Totoro

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Photo Flash: New HEDWIG Finale Photo of Andrew Rannells Revealed! http://ift.tt/1pZNn6k

I’ve been in 6 of these places, and they are truly amazing, but I wouldn’t put all of them in my list of 10 most beautiful places in Europe. 

And don’t forget that Europe is not just big capital and historical cities…

Rachel Berry + 80s duets

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coming-up-rosie a réagi à votre billet “Unpopular opinion: Glee, bring season 6 to me!”

yep - and really the pet names have been keeping me amused all day!

Oh yes, they’re glorious in their own way. 

curtslade a réagi à votre billet “Unpopular opinion: Glee, bring season 6 to me!”

I kind of agree with you.:) Now I’m taking the spoilers with a grain of salt, but I’m looking forward to season 6 no matter what happens. I love Klaine, would love to see them marry, but I don’t need them to be together either.

Oh you’re so right to take them like that, I think too. I won’t over analyze them and lose myself in speculations neither because of that. They’re right, I’m ready. They’re wrong, we’ll see it on time!

Probably uber unpopular opinion (well I’m one who enjoyed Previously Unaired Christmas for what it was, so no surprise from me there) but a lot of these spoilers are quite exciting for me, putting aside the eww reaction to “yogi bear and boo boo” and other things.

Of course some are weird, some are disappointing, some are both, but nevertheless, I’m definitely curious of this last season, and can’t wait for it.

I mean, of course I want an happily ever after for Klaine and everybody but it’s not surprise if we dont see it.
Glee is not a chronicle about the every day life, Glee has never been meant to show the happily ever after, for none of the characters, for none of the couple, but to show the way to this happily ever after.

And Kurt wanting to win Blaine back, Rachel being at the bottom after being so close to the highest and her way back to it, Blaine looking for getting his mojo back…

Figgins at the Lima Bean, Hummelberry at the head of ND, Sam and Beiste, potential ND/VA/Warblers confrontation on stage and behind the stage… especially behind the stage…

Yep, I’m ready, I’ll take what will be given to me, until the very end.

And yes, I’ll be fan of Ryan Murphy and the creation team until the end. Nice bold move, team.

In French we have this expression “ne pas caresser dans le sens du poil”, literally “to not pet in the hair way” something like that. Maybe it’s a masochist side of mine, but I love when Glee is like that.

Because I know that in the middle of all this mess, we’ll have glorious gold nuggets.

I just love Glee. And if the sixth season must change that, it will only after I’ll watch it.

PS: If this year, “spoiler”, means the whole plot line of an episode even before its shooting start, why don’t post the print screen of the scenario instead? Because, seriously…

Everything is okay when you have this.

Hey, whatever you need me to do, I’m your man.


Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014

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Oh gosh, songs titles already?

Love the variety of them!
Weird there’s not any group number in a premiere (meaning with main cast) but probably linked with the storyline and characters’ location as a lot of here have already talked.

And I notice one more thing, none of the new newbies are singing.

alxanders: @MarkSalling Caught you snap chatting. :) Good to see you today bro. x

alxanders: @MarkSalling Caught you snap chatting. :) Good to see you today bro. x

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